If it was easy and cheap to rank on page 1 of Google, everybody would be on page 1.

Don’t be an idiot and believe those fucking spammers who tell you that they can give you “guaranteed” rankings. They’re full of shit and you deserve to get fucked if you believe their bullshit.

Unless your keyword is absolutely worthless or you’re looking to rank your own brand name (stupid thing to do unless you’re famous), SEO takes a long time and it’s very expensive.

A person who can rank any keyword will not be pimping his services to you by spamming your email, selling gigs for 5 dollars on Fiverr or posting in Facebook groups. He’ll be making millions.

Think about it for a second.

If you’ve done your keyword research right, expect to spend $300-400 each month for at least 3-4 months to rank your keywords for the long term*.

Regardless of what anyone says, it can’t be done faster than this without compromising the safety of your website.

*This doesn’t apply to short-term projects that are not intended to rank for very long or CPA sites that can be ranked for under 100 bucks.

If you don’t have the money, the only way to do SEO for cheap is to do everything yourself.

Here’s what you need to know:

How much does it cost?

Most of you are cheap fucks so I’m sure this is most important to you. Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer to your stupid question. No two sites are the same. No two keywords are the same. “SEO Packages” are bullshit. There’s no one size fits all solution to rank your website. What may work for one website may not work for another one.

The most important factor, however, is the difficulty of your keyword. If you’re trying to rank for a keyword that has low competition (NOT the AdSense competition like some imbiclies think), then it’s much cheaper to rank. If you’re trying to rank for porn, you’re fucked. You’ll probably have to sell your house and most of your organs to rank for that.

Here’s a rough estimate to give you an idea about costs. If you outsource all the link building, you can expect to spend approximately $300 a month for at least 3-4 months to be on page 1. This is assuming that your keyword is easy to rank. You’ll have to buy diversity, PBN posts, Press releases etc.

If you’re doing everything yourself, then the costs depend on how much you value your time. Even if you only do only outreach for guest posts and shit like that, you’ll still spend a lot of time getting links. Outreach is time-consuming and thereby expensive. Even for guest posting, you’ll need to buy content (if you’re not writing it yourself) and a decent piece of content will cost you at least 15 bucks. So you can do the math.

How long does it take?

It takes really really long. 3-4 months minimum. If you want instant results, use Facebook advertising or Adwords. PPC is for instant results. SEO is for stable, long-term results.

How long it takes once again depends on the keyword competition. I’ve had low competition CPA keywords on Page 2 in 3 days as soon as the site was indexed. There are some keywords that never even got indexed without building links. So once again, everything depends on this.

If you have competitive keywords, it’ll take around 6-8 months. Don’t believe what the fucking spammers tell you. They’re a bunch of assholes who have never ranked shit.

Someone told me that they can get me on page 1 quickly, guaranteed and for cheap. Is it possible?

You’re clearly intellectually deficient because you haven’t understood any fucking thing I’ve said. NO. It’s not possible. It takes time and money to rank a website. If it was easy and cheap, everybody would be on Page 1. Do you really think that people can’t afford to spend a couple of hundred bucks to be on page 1 of Google?

This is the guy who told you that shit:

You’re clearly cheap. DO NOT believe this motherfucker. You’ll lose whatever little you have with whatever shit he does. Ask that asshole why he isn’t ranking his own sites and making millions of dollars and selling his bullshit service to you for the price of a cup of coffee.

Pro Tip

If someone is pimping his services to you by spamming your email or responding on your lame ass Facebook post, he can’t rank your website. Why would someone who can actually rank a website spam people or spend all day of Facebook pimping his service? Someone who knows SEO can get clients to come to him instead of begging and spamming everyone.